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Not Just a Solution – Get a Roadmap to Safety and Compliance Excellence

At Fleetworthy, we give you the power of intelligent compliance, offering visibility and control over your fleet to streamline processes, reduce risk, and improve profitability. The cost in fines and downtime associated with driver and people safety and regulatory violations can be avoided using a comprehensive and proactive approach to DOT and safety risk management. Few fleets have the centralized record-keeping and dedicated compliance experts to maintain the program at a reasonable cost, long term. Fleetworthy Solutions gives you a clear path to be able to streamline your safety and compliance improvement efforts regarding drivers and people.

Your Source for Driver Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management

Utilizing technology, your fleet’s data, and blending the expertise of our experts and yours, you’ll see a dramatic lift in streamlined operations and realize maximized results. You can rely on our expertise and understanding of the complex FMCSA / DOT regulations to keep your DQ records safely in order. You gain the power of intelligent compliance, acquiring deep visibility and control over your drivers and fleet.

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Drug and Alcohol Program Management

Reduce the burden of managing drug and alcohol on your own. Fleetworthy provides drug and alcohol testing, random selection, consortium pools, recordkeeping, reporting, scheduling, follow-up, invoicing, testing, and much more to manage your DOT D&A Testing Program securely and confidently.

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Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Management

Fleetworthy can manage Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse interactions efficiently and simplify compliance. You can save on recruitment and onboarding costs when you choose Fleetworthy Solutions instead of adding more safety staff to administer the program.

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Hours of Service / Driver Log Compliance

There’s no good reason to continue manually managing your HOS and ELD requirements, leaving the possibility for errors and omissions and exposing your business to DOT penalties and liability or risk. Free your staff of the burden, and rest assured you’ll meet the latest regulations, as you also lower your overall cost of program management.

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Beyond Compliant Drivers and People

Everything we do revolves around taking your drivers and people past the point of minimum compliance and safety standards. Your fleet has multiple data sources for applicant data, background screening, HOS, MVRs, and more. Safety issues and violations can go unnoticed for weeks or months while sifting through mountains of data, endangering your business, your fleet, and drivers, and the motoring public. You need an expert to help carry the burden of meeting the requirements of compliance and safety. 

We are the compliance partner for those who aim higher. 

Let us show you how to get there.

Rapid Incident Response

With the click of a button, Fleet Managers can download all essential driver data at once – late at night or early morning, at home or on the road, 24x7x365. With this tool, you can go above the standard – Beyond Compliant.

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Sleep Apnea Management

An OSA Management program from Fleetworthy Solutions is the perfect solution for fleets that are looking to proactively improve their drivers’ safety and health. It can help drivers sleep at home, not on the road.


Continuous MVR Monitoring and PSP Program

Continuously receive information on all types of drivers across all states to know about issues as they occur – status, violations, motor vehicle record updates and more. Companies using PSP to screen new hires lower their crash rate by 8% and driver out-of-service rates by 17%, on average, compared to those that do not use PSP.

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Driver and People Training

Through our network of partnerships, fleets have access to leading driver training and tracking platforms to ensure they’re at the top of their game. With today’s climate of Nuclear Verdicts, it is vitally important to have provable safety and improvement programs that can be used in litigation, but, moreover, to boost your people’s skills and knowledge.

Impairment Testing and Monitoring

Get the kinds of pre-incident data you need to take at-risk staff off driving duty and other safety sensitive functions. We can help implement cutting edge testing and reporting solutions through our strategic alliances. Perfect solution for safety-first cultures.

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Consulting and Audit Support

Fleet assessments and mock audits can turn up unknown gaps and issues that would have been costly mistakes in a real audit. Consulting can offer the peace-of-mind needed you are on the right track. Our experts live their lives wading deep through regulations and love talking about them. They will know where and when to address issues to not only meet but exceed regulatory and safety requirements with regards to your drivers and people.

Extended Fleet Services

You Focus on your business. We focus on compliance. Allow us to take on the day-to-day heavy lifting of safety and compliance. Empower your fleet to thrive in strategic ways while we tend to the tactical needs as you re-align your resources to better serve your core objectives.

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eFleet Mobile

We are empowering fleets to put the Power of Intelligent Compliance in the hands of their drivers. Gone are the days of chasing down files and documents for compliance. Here are the days of modernization, streamlined processes, and mobile convenience.​ ​

Need to get your drivers to update their driver’s licenses? Have to get updated medical cards? Requesting other needed documents from your drivers? ​​

Lower Risk the Cost-Effective Way

Keep your fleet free from the uncertainties surrounding DOT compliance and risk management, as you also gain 360° visibility into your operations for greater business results. Let Fleetworthy provide the end-to-end, technology-driven services you need to lower cost, reduce liability, and minimize risk.

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