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Enhance Your DQF Management with eFleet Mobile

We are empowering fleets to put the Power of Intelligent Compliance in the hands of their drivers. Gone are the days of chasing down files and documents for compliance. Here are the days of modernization, streamlined processes, and mobile convenience.​ ​

Need to get your drivers to update their driver’s licenses? Have to get updated medical cards? Requesting other needed documents from your drivers? ​​

There’s an app for that!



Drivers can submit their required documents and keep them up to date – all using the mobile app.​


Configurable permissions to select which drivers have access to the mobile app and document access allowing each driver to upload only your required documents​


Helpful reminders can be sent when needed documents are missing, fail an audit, or are expiring soon through the app.

eFleet Mobile is a native mobile application for Android and iPhone that provides our customers’ drivers the ability to view their Compliance Scores, upload images of selected documents, and see the status of their expiring documents.

Benefits Include:

  • Mobile photo upload ability for required docs, drivers license, and medical cards

  • Insights into each driver’s document’s status (New, Needs Attention, etc.) to identify gaps in their DQ file

  • Multiple (email and / or text) communication channels with drivers for documents and events needing attention
  • Heightened data protection with enhanced security identity servers

  • Creation of driver records within COMPLY using unique email identifiers

“We’re going to be compliant, but I want it real time. I don’t want it a month later. Because if you’re not in compliance, then you end up having more accidents. Compliance is very important to this company. Very important. Fleetworthy – the whole group – they do a great job. Very responsive to our needs.”

Anatomy of eFleet Mobile

Anatomy of eFleet Mobile Screens Animation - 4-21-FWS
Found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Interested in getting the Power if Intelligent Compliance in the palms of your drivers’ hands?

Reach out to set up a complete, risk-free walk through of the eFleet Mobile App and see how it can simplify your DQ file management process leveraging technology, data, and people interactions.

Use our website to contact us or contact your Account Manager if you are a current customer to set up a demonstration.


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