Vehicle Safety and Compliance


Streamline Your Asset Management Process for Better Results

From Licensing and Permitting to Fuel Tax and Mileage Reporting, your vehicles and equipment need to be on the road and running strong. Asset management, such that your fleet vehicles are properly licensed and permitted to IFTA / IRP guidelines, is a perpetual concern for commercial operators large and small. The forms required to be road-legal are substantial, not to mention the varying layers of state and federal regulations, expiration dates, use taxes, and other granular details. Not only that, but they need to be inspected periodically and ensured they are safe and maintained regularly. Are your people up to the task? Are your systems?

Consider the benefits of partnering with Fleetworthy.

Your Source for Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance

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Fuel Tax and Mileage Reporting

Utilizing technology, your fleet’s data, and blending the expertise of our experts and yours, you’ll see a dramatic lift in streamlined operations and realize maximized results.


Licensing and Permitting

Assessing your fleet needs, geographic locations, and consulting with state agencies, our team of experts recommends the right mix of licensing, permitting, titling, and other solutions to optimize your assets in your fleet landscape.

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Maintenance Record Management

Securely store digital records of your scheduled maintenance activities so critical vehicle issues don’t get missed. Easily manage and view your records via our online dashboard.

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DVIR Records Management

Vehicle Inspection requirements have not escaped the digital transition. Our solutions help store these vital ecords so they can be easily referred to and analyzed to address major issues before they become hazardous to your drivers and to others on the road.

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Beyond Compliant Vehicles and Equipment

Everything we do revolves around taking your vehicles and equipment past the point of minimum compliance and safety standards. Your fleet has multiple data sources for GPS, maintenance issues, fuel use, e-DVIR’s, and more. Safety issues and violations can go unnoticed for weeks or months while sifting through mountains of data, endangering your business, your fleet, and drivers, and the motoring public. You need an expert to help carry the burden of meeting the requirements of compliance and safety.

We are the compliance partner for those who aim higher.

Let us show you how to get there.

Consulting and Audit Support

Fleet assessments and mock audits can turn up unknown gaps and issues that would have been costly mistakes in a real audit. Consulting can offer the peace-of-mind needed you are on the right track. Our experts live their lives wading deep through regulations and love talking about them. They will know where and when to address issues to not only meet but exceed regulatory and safety requirements.

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Extended Fleet Services

You Focus on your business. We focus on compliance. Allow us to take on the day-to-day heavy lifting of safety and compliance. Empower your fleet to thrive in strategic ways while we tend to the tactical needs as you re-align your resources to better serve your core objectives.

Lower Risk the Cost-Effective Way

Keep your fleet free from the uncertainties surrounding DOT compliance and risk management, as you also gain 360° visibility into your operations for greater business results. Let Fleetworthy provide the end-to-end, technology-driven services you need to lower cost, reduce liability, and minimize risk.

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