Sleep Apnea Management

A Comprehensive Managed Service for CDL Drivers with Sleep Apnea

Fleetworthy’s Sleep Apnea Management program is an end-to-end managed service.  Our turn-key OSA service handles driver screening, sleep testing, equipment provisioning, education, support, document tracking, and ongoing usage monitoring.   We take special care of your at-risk drivers from initial identification until they are safely back on the road with you – 5x faster.

With Fleetworthy’s OSA management program, 28% of your drivers will be healthier, happier, safer, and perform better!

Fleetworthy’s Sleep Apnea Management team is an extension of your compliance department working together to save you money and time with lower risk.

Why is Sleep Apnea Management Important?

Manage Fatigue and Keep Roads Safe

The issue with truck driving and sleep apnea is that several studies suggest it is very unsafe. Drivers with untreated sleep apnea are at risk of falling asleep or being slow to respond.  In recent years, many accidents have occurred in the transportation industry because of someone driving with untreated sleep apnea. In fact, over 20% of all large-truck crashes result from drowsy or fatigued driving. Untreated drivers with OSA have a 500% (5x) higher risk of crashing than truckers without a sleep disorder (Harvard University, Graduate School of Public Health).

An OSA Management program from Fleetworthy Solutions is the perfect solution for fleets that are looking to proactively improve their drivers’ safety and health. It can help drivers sleep at home, not on the road.

Benefits Include

improved driver retention

decreased medical costs

higher attendance rates

better insurance rates

growth in business

positioning as an industry leader

“Drivers with untreated obstructive sleep apnea who were noncompliant with treatment have a five-fold increase in the risk of serious preventable crashes.”

Dr. Stefanos Kales,
MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM, Associate Professor

Caring for The Driver

Sleep Apnea is a very serious condition affecting many people. When it comes to those driving large commercial vehicles hauling cargo across the nation, they are no less important. Putting in place a program like Sleep Apnea Management shows drivers that they are valued. A feeling of respect and importance will go a long way in building a positive reputation in the industry. Not only that, but the programs can improve a driver’s quality of life in several ways:

Sleep Apnea Management Offers

Fatigued Driving Not an Option

Over 16% of fatal crashes involve a drowsy driver (NHTSA, 2017).

A multi-year sleep apnea study the SLEEP Conference in 2014 found a 53% reduction in accidents, a 55% reduction in hard-braking, and a 56% reduction in medical costs after implementing a program to manage OSA issues with their drivers.

Drivers, their families, victims of potential crashes involving a fatigued driver, their families, and your fleet cannot afford, and do not deserve, to have OSA conditions go unchecked.

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