24/7 Rapid Incident Response for Fleet Compliance


Capture a Snapshot of Your Driver Risk in Seconds

When a crash occurs and the potential for litigation looms large, being able to quickly and accurately capture a full driver file is a big deal. In the aftermath of a CRASH…every minute counts. The latest COMPLY software release includes a new feature called Rapid Incident Response (RIR).  With the click of a button, compliance, risk, and fleet managers can download all essential driver data at once – late at night or early morning, at home or on the road, 24x7x365.  Previously, pulling all this information was a time-consuming and tedious task sifting through mountains of data while trying to keep it organized by category, type, and date. Fleetworthy Solutions’ RIR helps you gather all your driver information in a matter of seconds. With this tool, you can go above the standard – beyond compliant.

24/7 Access

Accessible 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and where ever you might be.

Easy to Share

Driver data in a single, ZIP package make the RIR file easy-to-share.

Full Driver File in Seconds

Available in seconds, the automated process combines crucial driver files, data, and information on the driver as a snapshot in time.
Hard truck crash at the freeway.

Rapid Incident Response Can Deliver!

If you have ever dealt with a crash, a time when you needed driver information immediately, were trying to resolve a dispute with a driver, or had an insurance or court case pending, you’ll find value in RIR. With just a click of the button, Directors of Risk Management and Fleet Managers can download essential driver files and data into a simplified, easy to share, ZIP file.

Benefits Include:

  • Single point of access to capture a full driver file in seconds
  • Reduced time trying to locate all driver files
  • Easy, point-in-time capture of related driver data
  • On demand access with no need to contact Fleetworthy Solutions
  • Quick generation of easy-to-share driver file document package
  • Collection of all current, related driver files
  • Creation of summary excel file to reference for file package completeness
Hand on mouse

“Rapid Incident Response sounds perfect…we need that here!!!“

Burton G

Safety Trainer, CRST

New Feature Added for ALL COMPLY 2.0 Users

Just released – the Rapid Incident Response (RIR) tool is available to users in your organization authorized to have access to sensitive PII driver data. In urgent, time-sensitive situations, you now can collect all needed driver files, with just a few clicks of a mouse. No more searching, no more frustration, no more missing files. The RIR tool is located in the navigation menu at the top of the screen within COMPLY. This new feature expands the usefulness of the solutions brought to you by the team at Fleetworthy Solutions with your needs in mind.


Rapid Incident Response

When a driver is involved in a crash, a snapshot of their driver safety, logs, and DOT compliance record must be captured and available to the motor carrier for the time of the incident. A Fleetworthy representative or a designated motor carrier system user with PII access can generate a Rapid Incident Response (RIR) package from COMPLY for any driver at any time. The RIR package contains all active COMPLY driver file documents categorized into folders and all COMPLY driver tab data generated into an Excel spreadsheet.



  • Driver Profile
  • Expiring and Permanent
  • Qualifications
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Accidents
  • MVRs
  • Exempt Logs
  • Graph Logs
  • Inspections

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