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Fleet Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management

Get a single source of solutions to monitor and manage your DOT Compliance, improve CSA scores, streamline driver and vehicle compliance workflows, and mitigate risk. A unifying, online dashboard is a powerhouse of fleet data, efficient technologies, and integral support from a vast network of best-in-class partners and third-party integrations.

Intelligent Compliance Platform

Fleetworthy Solutions Intelligent Compliance Platform
Intelligent Compliance Platform

Three pillars: Combination of People, Technology, and Data

Finding the right DOT Compliance software and solutions for your fleet means going beyond minimum regulatory requirements and striving to increase productivity, streamline data management, and get more actionable insights.

Data provides key information. Technology is important to streamline processes. People provide a deep understanding of the complexities of the transportation industry. Fleetworthy’s approach combines all three for optimal outcomes.

What Does it Mean to be Fleetworthy?

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Measure and Manage DOT Compliance

Quickly identify gaps through Driver and DOT Compliance score displays through an easy to read, online dashboard. Get a simpler way to manage required or missing documents, needed driver files, workflows, and notifications with clear visibility.

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Prevent Accidents with Fatigue Management

With Fleetworthy’s OSA management program, 28% of your drivers will be healthier, happier, safer, and perform better!


Do More with Your

Understand your fleet landscape with configurable driver and asset lists and location views. Ask about merging your data with our platform for a unique, 360-degree fleet view.

Benefit from Our Strategic Alliances

Get the most out of your fleet systems with our network of top-tier partnerships and data integrations.

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Beyond Compliant Drivers

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Beyond Compliant Assets

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You Focus on Your Fleet. We Focus on Compliance.

Get the expert service, insight, and support your need to focus on your business – building your brand. Our knowledgeable team of transportation and compliance experts, combined with our intelligent compliance platform, have helped fleets go beyond the minimum requirements for over 40 years.

A Truly Unified, Agnostic Fleet Safety and Risk Management System

Consolidate data, measure compliance, and improve safety in your fleet. Even with many options of compliance solutions, the destination is always clear – taking your fleet past the point of bare minimums to go beyond compliant.

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Intelligent DOT compliance software does not exist in a vacuum. It resides and thrives along a continuum of advances in technology, understanding of fleet and industry needs (in terms of safety and regulatory compliance), and constant development cycles. Innovation and Customer alignment are at the core of our platform design and product roadmap.

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Start Empowering Your Fleet Today

Try a free, no-obligation platform demonstration and see a partner network walk-through to see the Power of Intelligent Compliance in action for yourself.

We are the compliance partner for those who aim higher.

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