Enhancing Fleet Safety by Managing Driver Fatigue 

Driver in cabin of big modern truck

Click the following link to read a great article regarding how an Intelligent Compliance Platform can be used by carriers to go beyond simple compliance to regulations, by helping the carrier identify hazardous behaviors and other issues so they can be dealt with quickly.  Michael Precia, CEO/President of Fleetworthy Solutions, sheds light on one of the most important functions of the CPSuite compliance platform, which deals with the very reason federal HOS regulations exist — driver fatigue.  


About Fleetworthy Solutions

Fleetworthy Solutions, Inc. provides DOT safety and regulatory compliance services to commercial fleets that take them Beyond Compliant. Fleetworthy combines exceptional client service, advanced technologies, and more than 40 years of transportation industry expertise to make sure that drivers and assets are truly fleetworthy. The company helps private fleets, for-hire carriers and third-party logistics companies of all sizes surpass compliance of federal, state, and local regulations and streamline processes to reduce costs and mitigate risks.

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