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Fleetworthy Solutions Intelligent Compliance Platform
Intelligent Compliance Platform

The Power of Intelligent Compliance

Three pillars: Combination of People, Technology, and Data (Intelligent Compliance Platform)

The transportation and fleet industries are flush with technology options – cloud solutions, big data, Electronic Logging Devices, the Internet of Things. The list goes on. Finding the right DOT compliance software solutions for your fleet business means going beyond minimum compliance standards and aiming to increase productivity, acquire better data, and improve your decision-making abilities. You want to improve your safety, compliance, and the bottom line. 

Enter the ‘Intelligent Compliance Platform’.

Fleetworthy’s approach to going beyond compliant is based on the combination of three pillars: Technology, Data and People who truly care about your company. Data provides key information, but alone is either overlooked or overwhelming in quantity. Technology is important to streamline activities, provide visibility and better decision-making ability.

Without knowledgeable people with a deep understanding of the complexities of the transportation industry, technology can only get you so far. Your success relies on all three – the intersection of people, technology, and data. Other suppliers in the transportation industry may do one or two of those areas well, but Fleetworthy is distinct in that we excel at all three – resulting in our concept of the ‘Intelligent Compliance Platform’. 

The insight to understand the data that the technology collects and automates enables us to give guidance and provide results that are above and beyond for our clients.

An Intelligent Compliance Platform is that for which you are looking – to gain visibility and control to streamline processes, reduce risk, and improve profitability. Is your data easily accessible and provided in a user-friendly format? Do you have dashboards that can give you an “at a glance” overview into your compliance programs? Can you do a deeper dive to get specific drill-down data to identify gaps and trends?

Actionable Data for Increased Compliance and Safer Roads

Fleetworthy’s cloud-based, intelligent compliance solutions measure, monitor, and manage compliance levels for driver and fleet safety, licensing and permitting, and fuel tax reconciliation. Through a user-friendly dashboard, our Intelligent Compliance platform provides visibility into timely, actionable fleet compliance data to streamline processes, cover gaps, and reduce your risk. This combination of quick access to information, along with powerful analytics, helps you make critical decisions for Department of Transportation (DOT) and other federal, state, and local regulatory compliance needs. As a Fleetworthy customer, you’ll get access to key features, including drill-down data, automatic reporting, and comprehensive services backed by over 40 years of compliance knowledge.

Fleetworthy Solutions Can Accept and Manage Your ELD Data

Reduce your audit exposure. Gain Visibility. Managing all your DOT compliance and safety data flowing from multiple sources, including your chosen ELDs, is no small task. Our platform simplifies all those data streams, houses them in one place, and through an online dashboard, gives you full visibility into exceptions, falsifications, and omissions. It can integrate with your ELD and telematics solutions to automatically retrieve drivers’ Hours of Service data and provide centralized visibility to driver non-compliance issues.

All the best technology can be implemented, but if it doesn’t provide actionable insights from your data to make improvements in your DOT safety and compliance program, then your technology is falling short.

Centralize Your Fleet’s Compliance Data. Get Your Single Version of the Truth!

In this modern era, your commercial vehicle fleet has multiple data sources for HOS, GPS, driver performance, fuel use, toll dollars, e-DVIR’s, and more. Now, more than ever, it is time consuming and tedious to retrieve all those points of data and rationalize them into a legible, meaningful way. Safety issues and violations can go unnoticed for weeks or months while sifting through mountains of data, endangering your business, your fleet, and drivers, and the motoring public. Fleetworthy Solutions’ eFleet Hub captures your different sources of fleet data, consolidates them, and displays them in a single, online dashboard.

Consolidate and simplify ALL your fleet data into a single, online, and easy-to-use dashboard. The time is now to reign in your multiple sources of data and house them under one roof. With eFleet Hub, you gain near real-time fleet intelligence awarding you a more compliant, safe, responsive, and agile fleet operation.

You’ll experience:

Modernize Your Workflow

Shrinking the overall footprint of where you need to go to find your varied data for your commercial motor vehicle fleet delivers the freedom to focus on more important issues, rather than completing urgent tasks. Drivers in violation can be spotted faster, allowing you to make quicker decisions that ultimately may save lives. Vehicle issues are made clearer, reducing the exposure to citations and other risks. Fleetworthy Solutions’ eFleet Hub is your best option for when you want to simplify your fleet data and to receive timely alerts in today’s complex transportation compliance and safety atmosphere.

By using our intelligent compliance platform, you’ll gain confidence that you’re compliant if audited. Isn’t it time for you to adopt a DOT compliance software solution?

With Fleetworthy Solutions as your partner, you gain the tools and abilities to reach your goals for fleet safety and regulatory compliance.

We are the compliance partner for those who aim higher. 

Let us show you how to get there.

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