Enhance Fleet Compliance with Extended Services


The Next Generation of Your Fleet’s Compliance​

Our product and service offerings are always developed with our customers’ needs in mind. The current state of the economy, the status of the transportation industry, and the rapid development of advanced technologies complicate fleet operations. All fleet team members experience the friction of limited resources, high demand for return on investment (both time and money), and a rapidly changing landscape of technology and regulations. Instead of focusing on the core mission, many fleets are just trying to stay current and execute tactical tasks. Your regulatory and safety compliance programs will need to adapt to grow with the future. There is little time and freedom to focus on growth, innovation, and driving customer loyalty. Operations, safety, fleet, and driver managers all need an experienced partner to take on the day-to-day compliance.

Future-proofing Your Organization​

Demanding fleet professionals know the value of building relationships to prepare for the future of their organizations. Setting up key, strategic partnerships throughout the supply chain helps accomplish this. Regulatory and safety compliance management should not be left out of that plan. You are charged with ensuring the competitive nature and growth of your organization into the future and beyond. You will need help remaining focused on core activities to do that. Fleetworthy Solutions’ Extended Fleet Services (EFS) augments all your compliance programs – even positioning them to scale and grow for years to come. Your team can then take advantage of a lessened workload and freed-up resources.

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Increase Your Bandwidth​

For many seasoned fleet professionals, there is deep understanding of how intricate compliance work is and how much energy and focus it takes to get it right. Once it is right, it can’t be left alone. There is a constant need to monitor and maintain all things relating to your regulatory and safety compliance. That is a massive undertaking and it impedes your team’s ability to grow and innovate. When you use an experienced partner, like Fleetworthy, they can take over that responsibility and allow you to re-align your team to more high-level priorities. Within a short time, you would begin to see the effect on your bottom line.

EFS solutions can include items like (based on initial needs assessment):

  • Access and use of Intelligent Compliance software and related add-ons
  • Driver DOT Regulatory and Safety Compliance Solutions
  • Asset DOT Regulatory and Safety Compliance Solutions
  • Fuel Tax, Mileage, Highway-use, and Off-road Reporting
  • Consulting Services and Training
  • And More…

“I think what Fleetworthy does exceptionally well is they form a partnership with you. A bond. It’s not just that we’re providing a service or that they’re providing a service, they actually become a part of your safety department. There’s not that same feeling with other providers.”

Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts

The key to a good relationship is open communication and sharing of information. With Extended Fleet Services (EFS), you get just that – and so much more. Most solutions out there allow for only limited access to experienced compliance professionals. Often, that is something that is an added cost and is still limited in some way. A dedicated team of professionals with decades of industry experience is at your service with EFS. These individuals work together to craft the best compliance solution for your fleet’s profile and current situation while helping make the roads safer for everyone.

Reducing Risk, Streamlining Processes, and Improving CSA Scores​

Where do you go if you are audited for your compliance information? Is it a simple process? How many places is that data stored in? Do you know where your CSA scores are at and what things are affecting them? These questions can be answered, and even optimized, through EFS. An expert vendor managing your DOT Compliance, monitoring and advising on your CSA scores, and making sure your drivers and assets are compliant and operating safely will help you keep your trucks on the road and your deliveries reaching their destinations. In the end, your fleet will be less vulnerable in the event of an audit, will keep operational costs down, and even make your workflows simpler resulting in a safer, more efficient, and scalable operation.

All the Intelligent Compliance Technology You Need!​

A New Approach to Safety and Compliance

Remove the compliance headaches from your day-to-day work-flow. Enhance your compliance programs with Fleetworthy Solutions and let us assess, improve, and grow your compliance effectiveness. When you use EFS, you gain expert insight, service, support, and the latest technology you need to thrive while keeping your customers happy! Augment your programs by partnering with Fleetworthy Solutions!​

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