eFleet Hub: Simplifying Compliance

Centralize Your Fleet’s Compliance Data. Get Your Single Version of the Truth!

At Fleetworthy Solutions, everything we do revolves around taking your fleet and business past the point of minimum compliance and safety standards. In this modern era, your commercial vehicle fleet has multiple data sources for HOS, GPS, driver performance, fuel use, toll dollars, e-DVIR’s, and more. Now, more than ever, it is time consuming and tedious to retrieve all those points of data and rationalize them into a legible, meaningful way. Safety issues and violations can go unnoticed for weeks or months while sifting through mountains of data, endangering your business, your fleet, and drivers, and the motoring public. Fleetworthy Solutions’ eFleet Hub captures your different sources of fleet data, consolidates them, and displays them in a single, online dashboard.


Near Real-Time Data

Take fast, corrective action with access to up to date information.


One Location

One source of data eliminates the hassle of gathering data from multiple sources (manual and electronic).

Simplified Processes

Reducing time on extra tasks allows for a more agile fleet operation.
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Upgrade Your Compliance Program

For the savvy fleet and safety or compliance management professionals: consolidate and simplify ALL your fleet data into a single, online, and easy-to-use dashboard. The time is now to reign in your multiple sources of data and house them under one roof. With eFleet Hub, you gain near real-time fleet intelligence awarding you a more compliant, safe, responsive, and agile fleet operation.

You’ll experience:

  • Regained lost time spent on tasks, granting more time for developing strategy
  • Near real-time data flow, allowing your business to take immediate corrective-action
  • One-stop shop for ALL your fleet’s data (manual and electronic), maximizing efficiency – saving time and money
  • Simplified processes, giving you a more responsive, agile fleet operation
  • Compliance-centered development approach delivering you confidence you’re compliant if audited
  • Consolidated data storehouse creating your fleet’s safety and compliance health snapshot

“We currently use 3 different ELD operating systems in our fleet, eFleet Hub seamlessly brings ELD data from the 3 different providers into one system, allowing us to spend less time bringing all the data together and assuring we are compliant… Having one place to access our data is a win in my book!“

Ray A. George CDS,
CRST Director of Safety-Asset Light

Modernize Your Workflow

Fleetworthy Solutions’ eFleet Hub awards you and your fleets the power to maximize efficiency by simplifying your fleet’s data review process using sophisticated technology. Shrinking the overall footprint of where you need to go to find your varied data for your commercial motor vehicle fleet delivers the freedom to focus on more important issues, rather than completing urgent tasks. Drivers in violation can be spotted faster, allowing you to make quicker decisions that ultimately may save lives. Vehicle issues are made clearer, reducing the exposure to citations and other risks. Fleetworthy Solutions’ eFleet Hub is your best option for when you want to simplify your fleet data and to receive timely alerts in today’s complex transportation compliance and safety atmosphere.

We Can Do That!

Fleetworthy Solutions has worked tirelessly to ensure eFleet Hub’s ongoing compatibility with today’s wide array of transportation and fleet data providers. However, with the ELD Mandate in effect, and the resultant influx of ELD providers in the market, the Fleetworthy team is always working to add more compatibilities to the mix. That said, the system currently has a wide array of key integrations.

Current Integrations Include:

  • Omnitracs
  • Verizon Connect
  • Rand McNally (DriverTech)
  • Geo Tab (mygeotab)
  • PeopleNet
  • Nextraq
  • Comdata
  • And More!

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