DQ File Management

Stay One Step Ahead of DOT Driver Qualification Requirements

Speed Onboarding, Avoid Expirations, Maintain Compliance with Fleetworthy

Complying with DOT driver qualification file requirements are a constant challenge. The regulations are complex – improper onboarding can result in violations, and with expiring items arising virtually on a daily basis, having a centralized, off-site repository, maintained by a DOT regulatory expert like Fleetworthy, can spell relief.
With Fleetworthy, you gain the power of intelligent compliance, acquiring deep visibility and control over your fleet, to streamline processes, reduce risk, and improve profitability.

Fleetworthy: Your Single Source for Driver Qualification Compliance

“As we enter our third year using the Fleetworthy platform, we have attained compliance and eliminated DOT fines and penalties, and our safety director’s staff has been freed to focus on improving driver training and vehicle maintenance. The result has been a safer overall operation with greater margins and improved customer satisfaction.”

Driver Qualification Compliance Made Simple

Staying current with DOT driver qualification regulations can be a job unto itself. Expired physicals, missing motor vehicle reports (MVRs), and unqualified drivers on the road can lead to fines, penalties, and liability exposure that can cripple your business. The better option is to outsource these critical tasks to Fleetworthy. Our professionally administered services include:

At Fleetworthy, we tailor our DQ services to the exact needs of your organization, providing easy-to-use graphic dashboards that display the real-time status of all your DQ compliance levels regarding new hires, rehires, and owner-operators, or temporary drivers and existing drivers across the organization. Ask our experts about best practices and pre-employment screening assistance to ensure your DOT compliance. And rest assured, if you ever are audited, Fleetworthy is always prepared to represent you.

Keep Your Important DQ Files Safely in Check

You can rely on our expertise and understanding of the complex FMCSA / DOT regulations to keep your DQ records safely in order. By leveraging our combined technology and services, you will:

Cut Cost, Lower Risk with Fleetworthy

There’s no good reason to continue manually managing your DQ files, leaving the possibility for errors and omissions and exposing your business to DOT penalties. Free your staff of the burden, and rest assured your DQ files meet the latest regulations, as you also lower your overall cost of processing.

Cut Cost, Lower Risk with Fleetworthy

For a demonstration of our technology or a detailed assessment of how our DQ file management services can benefit you, talk to one of our Account Managers.