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An intelligent compliance platform – Fleetworthy Solutions’ COMPLY 2.0 – is a fully-managed, cloud-based DOT compliance software platform designed to take your commercial motor carrier fleet beyond meeting minimum compliance standards and into a new level of safety, productivity, and profitability. We’re taking fleets of all types to new heights through the power of our intelligent compliance platform: Fleetworthy Solution’s proprietary approach to integrating 30 years of our staff’s industry expertise with innovative technologies and unmatched customer service. COMPLY 2.0 provides your fleet with the visibility and control it takes to streamline processes, reduce risk, and improve your bottom line.


Cloud-Based Solutions

Centralized, easy access to your account and compliance and safety data online simplifies processes, saves time, and helps reduce risk


Fully Managed

Our professional development, client services, and account management teams put your compliance data to work for you to free up your staff for more strategic work.

Automatic Reporting

Standard reports housed in your dashboard grant quick access to key fleet analytics on your overall safety and compliance statuses.

Actionable Data for Increased Compliance and Safer Roads

Fleetworthy’s cloud-based, intelligent compliance solutions measure, monitor, and manage compliance levels for driver and fleet safety, licensing and permitting, and fuel tax reconciliation. Through a user-friendly dashboard, COMPLY 2.0 provides visibility into timely, actionable fleet compliance data to streamline processes, cover gaps, and reduce your risk. This combination of quick access to information, along with powerful analytics, helps you make critical decisions for Department of Transportation (DOT) and other federal, state, and local regulatory compliance needs. As a Fleetworthy customer, you’ll get access to key features, including drill-down data, automatic reporting, and comprehensive services backed by over 30 years of compliance knowledge.

“In the event of an audit by DOT we wouldn’t have to have 52 locations sending all their files in to our corporate office to have them audited by DOT. We just let the inspector look at the digital files. I think it’s very comforting knowing that I can go online and look where we’re at at anytime.”

We don’t care what ELD you choose. We care that you are compliant if audited.

Fleetworthy Solutions Can Accept and Manage Your ELD Data.

Reduce your audit exposure. Gain Visibility. Managing all your DOT compliance and safety data flowing from multiple sources, including your chosen ELDs, is no small task. COMPLY simplifies all those data streams, houses them in one place, and through an online dashboard, gives you full visibility into exceptions, falsifications, and omissions. By using our intelligent compliance platform, you’ll gain confidence that you’re compliant if audited. Isn’t it time for you to adopt a DOT compliance software solution?

COMPLY 2.0 is scalable for fleets of all sizes and is available on premise or as a SaaS, cloud-based solution. Fleetworthy Solutions can integrate with your ELD and telematics solutions to automatically retrieve drivers’ Hours of Service data and provide centralized visibility to driver non-compliance issues.


Intersection of Expertise, Technology and People Who Care

For over 30 years, we’ve helped private fleets, for-hire carriers, and third party logistics companies build DOT compliance and safety programs that go beyond meeting minimum requirements to truly reducing risk, optimizing operations, and gaining higher profitability. Our people have built a reputation on aiming higher and it shows with a 90% client retention rate.



Latest Features

  • eFleet Mobile
  • Rapid Incident Response (RIR)
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