Is Your Fleet Ready for a DOT Audit?

7 Reasons You Don’t Want the Government Doing Your Compliance Laundry

Government auditors: Two words that strike terror into the hearts of any company owner or safety director responsible for commercial motor vehicle operations associated within a business.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) audits are complex, stressful, and even alarming for first time auditees. How well do you know what is involved in a Department of Transportation (DOT)/FMCSA compliance audit? Do you understand how the DOT selects companies to audit, and what you can do to minimize the odds of being selected? Would you be prepared to run the gauntlet if you had to?

This article sheds light on these questions, and makes the case for conducting a mock audit as your best hedge against being found in violation of DOT compliance regulations if you ever are audited.


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