Fleetworthy Solutions COVID-19 Safety and Awareness Posters

Coronavirus structural morphology

Fleetworthy Solutions is dedicated to providing relevant and timely resources to help during the COVID-19 outbreak that so many are struggling through. With so many resources being put on mission critical objectives to ensure smooth operations continue, it is hard to have a lot time for some of the things that are still important and get overlooked. As a partner, you can always look to us as someone to assist in your safety and risk mitigation processes with relation to DOT safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

Your staff likely are looking to you for guidance during this time as well. Fleetworthy would like to help in a small way with that.

Below you can find a few downloadable posters to print/post/share with your teams for awareness and safety guidelines relating to the preventing of the spreading of diseases like COVID-19. As a bonus for those that are looking to kill any downtime, there are blank coloring page versions of those posters.

See below for single files for download as well as packages. They come in both PDF and JPG formats.

Our hope is that these resources help in some small way and they keep some of your staff safe and healthy while also providing some stress relief if they decide to color in the pages.

Take Charge and Spread Awareness!

Printable COVID-19 Posters (all are 8.5 x 11 size)

Keep Safe and Wash Your Hands Poster – JPG

Do the Five Poster – JPG

Bandana Face Covering Poster – JPG

Sick? Stay Home with Symptoms Poster – JPG

STOP the Spread of Germs Poster – JPG

All Posters COVID-19 PDF Kit

Take a Break and Kill Some Time!

Blank Printable COVID-19 Coloring Pages (all are 8.5 x 11 size)

Keep Safe and Wash Your Hands Coloring Page – JPG

Do the Five Coloring Page – JPG

Bandana Face Covering Coloring Page – JPG

Sick? Stay Home with Symptoms Coloring Page – JPG

STOP the Spread of Germs Coloring Page – JPG

All COVID-19 Coloring Pages PDF Kit

Full COVID-19 Resource Posters and Coloring Pages PDF Kit  – >>> Download Now <<<