CPSuite – The Newest Safety and Compliance Mitigation Software From Fleetworthy Solutions

The next generation of Intelligent Compliance Platforms has arrived. Fleetworthy Solutions has begun the implementation of our newest safety and compliance mitigation software –

The new, cloud-based application includes:

• Dynamic, customizable Dashboards unique for each user.

• Customized alerts and notifications via email or text messaging / SMS.

• Consoles for People and Assets that lets both Fleetworthy and our client’s users directly interact with their data in real time.

• A brand-new visual interface that makes compliance easy to track, manage, and understand.

• The new “ACES” module (Automated Compliance Evaluation System) that goes to work after we go to sleep evaluating each and every asset, person, file, and data set to take action on compliance needs – Registration Renewals, Annual MVRs, and any other periodic service.

• Work Management Tools – combining customer-facing Work Request services with a robust Task Management system to give a complete 360-view of work that needs to be completed, work in progress, and work completed.

Currently, our existing customers are being evaluated for migration opportunities to CPSuite; however, at this time only new clients will be targeted for onboarding directly to the new platform. More information, training, and education about CPSuite and future migrations will be provided as we continue to roll out over the next quarter.

The CPSuite will continue to grow with new modules added throughout the year and beyond. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

In this modern era, your commercial vehicle fleet has multiple data sources for HOS, GPS, driver performance, fuel use, toll dollars, e-DVIR’s, and more. Now, more than ever, it is time consuming and tedious to retrieve all those points of data and rationalize them into a legible, meaningful way. Safety issues and violations can go unnoticed for weeks or months while sifting through mountains of data, endangering your business, fleet and drivers.

A good solution is a consolidated storehouse of information that can organize it all into an online, simple, and easy-to-understand dashboard. Once properly researched, planned for, and implemented, your fleet will benefit from a true, single source of information.  Ascertaining your fleet’s status in safety and DOT compliance will be accomplished much faster and with less hassle – making sure your drivers and assets get on the road faster and stay there longer. The power to get answers quickly will not only help you in your efforts, but it will go a long way in ensuring the future of your organization, helping protect your drivers and assets, while also helping keep the motoring public safe.

Some benefits fleets can realize from having a compliance platform that provides easily accessible, centralized data are:

  • Helps monitor where the fleet stands on compliance and where to focus attention
  • Offers visibility and control over your fleet to streamline processes, reduce risk and improve profitability.
  • Allows for quick access which can save time and money.
  • Assists the fleet with staying organized and focused in a rapidly changing landscape of technology and regulations.
  • Reduces costs in fines/violations and in downtime by having a comprehensive and proactive approach to DOT & Risk Management.
  • Provides powerful analytics to help in making critical decisions for DOT and other regulatory compliance needs.
  • Gives fleets peace of mind that they are compliant with regulations if they are ever audited.

By implementing a safety and compliance software platform, your fleet will gain a one-stop shop for ALL your fleet’s data (manual and electronic), maximizing efficiency and making a positive impact on your bottom line!