2021 will see cutting-edge security enhancements, product technology upgrades, and new features. There are special announcements on the horizon as well.

What’s coming soon?

Intelligent Compliance • Intelligent Technology • World Class Security

Our customer’s data security is one of Fleetworthy’s paramount concerns.  Your fleet and driver data need to be protected from unauthorized use.  Early in 2021, the next evolution of intelligent compliance will arrive, bringing with it a set of security enhancements taking the safety of your fleet data to a whole new level – a truly world class security environment.

The new safety and security features will give you:

  • assurance that data security protocols are designed at SOC 2 standards
  • protection for all data
  • best-practices prevention of unauthorized access and manipulation of data
  • overall higher level of privacy and safety for an operation’s lifeblood – your DATA

Included in this expanded effort to protect your data are two new features that were added directly from our client’s feedback:

Secure Login and Single Sign-on (SSO)

Giving you the ability to seamlessly work between your own applications and our platform without sacrificing security is part of our mission.  Our new Secured Login will:

  • Consolidate multiple sets of credentials into a single entry point
  • Reduce login and password management fatigue
  • Mitigate security risks of accessing multiple 3rd party systems
  • Provide best-in-class methodology, security, and processes for authentication
  • Eventually grant Single Sign-on capabilities

eFleet Mobile for Drivers

Managing driver documents is never fun.  Tracking down drivers to get documents is even worse.  Now with eFleet Mobile, you can put the Power of Intelligent Compliance into their hands.  A stand-alone mobile app for both Android and iPhone will be available soon that connects directly to our Comply2.0 platform in real-time!

  • Simple and easily uploading of DQ documents – just take a picture and upload!
  • Configurable based on your operation’s and user’s specific profile and needs
  • Automated alerts and notifications for expiring documents and other critical tasks
  • Reduce time spent emailing and hunting for required documents
  • Driver view of their compliance score and DQ status.

Stay Tuned!

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