Customer Successes
Customers are the link between effort and success. The successes of those customers that partner with us are proof of the value that Fleetworthy Solutions can bring to your regulatory and safety needs. There are varied and vast types of fleets working with Fleetworthy Solutions. Many small, some large, a few midsize. They all benefit from the services that help reduce the friction they experience while working through their day to day efforts with staying compliant. These testimonials are just some of the evidence you can review to see how Fleetworthy can help solve your issues.
As we enter our third year using the Fleetworthy platform, we have attained compliance and eliminated DOT fines and penalties, and our safety director’s staff has been freed to focus on improving driver training and vehicle maintenance. The result has been a safer overall operation with greater margins and improved customer satisfaction.

The visibility, expertise, and guidance we receive from Fleetworthy Solutions is priceless. We have visibility into our regulatory compliance like never before, which helps us make the right decisions and gives us confidence in our compliance.

We’re going to be compliant, but I want it real time. I don’t want it a month later. Because if you’re not in compliance, then you end up having more accidents. Compliance is very important to this company. Very important. Fleetworthy - the whole group - they do a great job. Very responsive to our needs.

We currently use 3 different ELD operating systems in our fleet, eFleet Hub seamlessly brings ELD data from the 3 different providers into one system, allowing us to spend less time bringing all the data together and assuring we are compliant... Having one place to access our data is a win in my book!
Ray A. George CDS
CRST Director of Safety-Asset Light
We value the partnership with our vendors and Fleetworthy plays a vital role in our success.  Selecting the 2018 “Vendor of the Year” for us was an easy decision.  Fleetworthy assisted us with several projects including our recent asset acquisition, decreased our audit fees, suggested and implemented cost savings and process improvements, as well as a host of other initiatives.
Tom Randazzo
Procurement Manager for Golden State Foods
Rapid Incident Response sounds perfect...we need that here!!!
Burton G.
Safety Trainer, CRST
Before we got Fleetworthy on board, our fleet operators were pinned down by an unending barrage of receipts, telematics reports, and other electronic and paper information ... Since we turned our fuel tax management over to Fleetworthy, our people are freed up for more strategic roles and the data collection and tax reporting are seamless.

Since we turned our fuel tax management over to Fleetworthy, our people are freed up for more strategic roles and the data collection and tax reporting are seamless.

In the event of an audit by DOT we wouldn't have to have 52 locations sending all their files in to our corporate office to have them audited by DOT. We just let the inspector look at the digital files. I think it's very comforting knowing that I can go online and look where we're at at anytime.

Online forms work well so far. They gave us the benefit of meeting our goal of having our forms completed correctly the first time. With paper forms, the driver would have to go back multiple times to correct inaccuracies and add missing information. We no longer have to take months going back and forth addressing corrections.

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Our customers are our driving force in what we do. We regularly collect feedback from them and often feature their stories in our processes. For more detailed accounts of how our solutions have helped carrier fleets address their needs for regulatory and safety compliance, check out the Case Studies section of our Knowledge Base.