About Fleetworthy

It’s time to change how the industry thinks about compliance.

At Fleetworthy Solutions, we believe the minimum requirement is only the beginning. And that core belief drives everything we do, including our quest to change the way the trucking industry thinks about compliance.

For more than thirty years, we built a reputation for helping fleets exceed state and federal standards. Our ability to drive unprecedented results helped us achieve a 98% client retention rate.

Today, as Fleetworthy Solutions, we’re building on that legacy. We’re taking fleets of all types and sizes to new heights through the power of intelligent compliance: Fleetworthy’s proprietary approach to integrating exceptional client service, advanced technologies and unmatched industry expertise. Intelligent compliance provides the fleets we serve with the visibility and control it takes to streamline processes, reduce risk and improve profitability.

Of course, your fleet could settle for merely being compliant. But so much hinges on the performance of your drivers and vehicles. Every day they’re on the road, they represent your company in a highly visible way. This demands a higher standard—and a more intelligent approach to compliance.

So why settle for meeting the minimum requirement when you can go Beyond compliant?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industry leadership in cost-effective transportation management services throughout North America while exceeding the expectations of our customers at competitive prices. We achieve this mission through optimal utilization of finances, technology, and a well-trained, experienced, highly competent staff performing proactive services that enhance our customer's profitability.

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