Fleetworthy and Predictive Safety Forge New Strategic Partnership

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New Relationship Introduces Top Safety Tech to New Audience

Two companies have joined forces to take risk and safety management for transportation businesses to a predictive, proactive level. Fleetworthy Solutions has forged a ground-breaking partnership with risk mitigation technology provider Predictive Safety – maker of AlertMeter®. AlertMeter® allows shift leaders and safety managers to assess alertness levels of safety-sensitive employees at any point during their shifts, usually prior to starting their shifts. There have been visible impacts to pilot programs within the transportation industry and the pair of companies will make this fleet safety solution widely available soon.

“The transportation industry has been limited in risk management of driver behavior with point-of-failure monitoring (driver is already nodding off) and lagging indicators.  We are excited to partner with Fleetworthy to help both drivers and their companies get in front of fatigue issues and their own awareness of distress and distraction with something that has been working for over 5 years in other industries, such as mining and construction.” said Jeff Sease, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “By providing predictive visibility through a 60-second test that requires no special hardware, our partnership with Fleetworthy provides us with the scale to optimize development in an area where we are already seeing encouraging early results.”

Managing fleet operations’ risk and their drivers’ overall regulatory safety and compliance has long been the primary focus of Fleetworthy Solutions. Overtime, the company has grown internally and expanded external networks of partners and integrations to collect and visualize many aspects of holistic fleet safety and DOT compliance KPIs. This alliance marks a strategic integration of forecasting risk-management issues, safety-oriented incidents, and red flags for operating in compliance with regulatory mandates. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to provide yet another enhancement to visionary, safety-minded fleet operations that want that extra boost in managing risk before “it happens”.

“Partnering with technology businesses is something we do often. Many times, it is because we are looking to help our customers get more data available to them. Sometimes it is so we can offer a more robust solution. In this case, we saw the potential risk mitigation benefit for safety directors and fleet owners. Predictive Safety’s AlertMeter® solution being used as a safety control mechanism can help keep drivers and the motoring public safer before something happens on the road. Introducing this type of tool to the market is a win for the industry from a safety improvement stance. We look forward to helping as many fleets as we can enhance their safety and lower their risk.” – Michael Precia, CEO, Fleetworthy Solutions

The AlertMeter® is available to Fleetworthy Solutions’ network of customers. Current customers that are interested in learning more should reach out to Fleetworthy Solutions or their Account Managers directly to schedule a demo and learn more about its implementation.

Fleetworthy and Predictive Safety plan on working together to solidify their joint delivery of services to fleets of all types to bring their safety and risk management to the next level and to go beyond the minimum requirements.

About Predictive Safety

Predictive Safety SRP, Inc. is a Colorado-based technology company founded with the mission to improve workplace safety, mitigate risk, and boost productivity by addressing worker fatigue and cognitive impairment. Their two SaaS-based applications, PRISM and AlertMeter, help manage workplace fatigue and identify workers who are struggling to stay alert due to fatigue, illness, substance use, or emotional distress.  For more information, please visit their website at www.predictivesafety.com.

About Fleetworthy

Fleetworthy Solutions, Inc. provides compliance services to owners and operators of truck fleets that take them ‘Beyond compliant’. Fleetworthy combines exceptional client service, advanced technologies, and more than 30 years of transportation industry expertise to make sure that drivers and assets are ‘fleet-worthy’. The company helps private fleets, for-hire carriers, and third-party logistics companies of all sizes surpass compliance of federal, state, and local regulations and streamline processes to reduce costs and mitigate risks.

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