Introducing eFleet Forms: Streamlining Fleet Compliance

Managing Driver Qualification (DQ) Files and Processes Will No Longer Result in Wasted Time, High-stress, and Frustration.

MADISON, WI  – Driver qualification, driver recruitment, HR, and fleet management professionals will now be able to have an additional item in their toolbox to help make their jobs easier. An online forms product, just released from Fleetworthy Solutions, aims to help commercial motor carrier fleets streamline their processes, reduce wasted time, eliminate errors, and ensure federally-mandated, regulatory compliance is met. Professionals in the trucking industry, on both sides of the hiring and driver qualification file management process, will soon feel the effects of a simplified, paperless process. This new technology offering from Fleetworthy Solutions is known as “eFleet Forms”.

The offering is a result of many hours of the Fleetworthy Solutions team and key customers working together to develop a tool that allowed for accurate, complete driver qualification management forms to be filled out and returned the first time, with minimal or no back and forth after submission.

It has seen several iterations, testing in the field, and optimizations. Through an agile and professional development process and detailed customer feedback loop, eFleet Forms was born.

“Online forms work well so far. They gave us the benefit of meeting our goal of having our forms completed correctly the first time. With paper forms, the driver would have to go back multiple times to correct inaccuracies and add missing information. We no longer have to take months going back and forth addressing corrections.”

– Driver Qualification Management Professional of National Fleet

The purpose of the solution (replacing all paper forms for companies’ processes in driver qualification management) enables carrier fleets to keep up with an industry already modernizing at an exponential rate, as seen with the advent of autonomous vehicle, hybrid, and platooning technologies.

With the replacement of many physical forms comes a necessary requirement to have a place to store the digital information online (in the cloud). Fleetworthy Solutions already has such a thing in place – known as COMPLY 2.0. This cloud-based intelligent compliance platform allows driver qualification management professionals to manage driver e-documents, online data, and unique procedures.

Compliance, and its ever-changing related regulations, offers another, key challenge to the modern fleet. Fleetworthy Solutions’ eFleet Forms steps up to the plate by incorporating required fields based on the most recent regulatory compliance updates, having data validations to make sure entries are accurate, complete, and using best practices to mitigate risks. Further, with Fleetworthy Solutions focused on not just delivering a product, but also a personalized, dedicated customer experience, these online forms are always reviewed by experienced staff and updated to comply with state and federal requirements.

“eFleet Forms is the stunning result of a thorough design and development process. On the one hand, we had a customer requiring a solution to a unique problem. On the other hand, we wanted to deliver a solution that not only met, but exceeded, their expectations and requirements. The outcome being a piece of technology that can be used to help other fleet professionals simplify their processes. It is a great illustration of what can be accomplished when people work together to achieve a common goal.”

– Director of Development, Dan Kaufman

To accommodate an age when personalization and customization in consumer goods services is in high demand, this software offering, for the business world, has those features included in its design. While there is a standard set of forms to choose from, the technology allows for corporate logos and colors to be applied – creating a company-aligned, branded experience for carriers and fleets. Should the standard set of forms not include what a motor carrier needs for their specific driver qualification management processes – Fleetworthy Solutions will custom build it.

As with all things, eFleet Forms has evolved since its early development. Focus, initially, was on these forms helping carrier fleets streamline specific driver qualification management processes. However, after much refinement, product design, and several feedback loops, the technology offering is poised to also help transportation professionals in other areas of fleet, asset, and driver management. If a process includes a paper form, it can be turned into a custom eFleet Form. One need only inquire.

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