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Fleetworthy understands that confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is key to your fleet operations and we take the protection of your data very seriously. Your fleet and driver data need to be safe from unauthorized use. A new set of security enhancements will take the integrity of your fleet data to a whole new level – a truly world class security environment.

The goal of these changes is to improve the existing authentication security and create additional foundations for our on-going security improvements. This is the first step in our continuing security evolution that will include new login authentication, decentralized authorization architecture, single sign-on capabilities, API token management, and more features to come in the near future.  We are strengthening our authentication process by moving to an identity server, requiring each user to have their own unique login, and use passwords with greater complexity.


Effective Date: April 5th, 2021


Action Required: Set up New Secure Login

With this enhancement to authentication, we now require a valid, unique email address that belongs to only one person be used as your Comply2.0 login identity.  One identity per Comply2.0 user.  No shared logins.  And the associated password to this unique email identity must be at least 8 characters long, include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special character (like !, #, %, etc.).

Greater password complexity defends against some cyber-attacks and unique logins ensure that no one else has unauthorized access to your company’s data.



New Login Setup Walk-through

Step 1

After the new login is live, the next time you go to you will see the new login page that looks like the image below.  To start the migration process, just log in with your COMPLY credentials.


Step 2

Upon successful login using your Comply2.0 username and password, the system will direct you to the “Required New Login Set Up” screen.  Fill in 1-3 (4 is optional) then click Submit Email to proceed. Exceptions: New login emails are required to be unique. If you try to use an existing email you will get an error.  We suggest using your unique company email or a personal email that no one else can access.


Step 3

If everything is successful you will receive an email with instruction on how to set / reset your password.


Step 4

Check the email you used as your new identity for a message from Fleetworthy.  Sometimes it may be in the Junk or Spam folder… If you cannot find it, please contact your administrator or use the “Reset Password” function on the login page to resend it.  Click on “Create My Password” to set your new login password.


Step 5

Specify your new password. Passwords must meet the minimum requirements (1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, 1 special character, 8 characters long [minimum]). Hit “Create Password” to continue.


Step 6

If successful, your password will be set, and you can navigate back to the login portal to login with your new credentials.


Step 7

Login with your new credentials- your unique email and new, secure password.  Warning: If you re-use your Comply2.0 username, a message will pop up asking you to use your email instead.


Congratulations! You are now finished migrating to the most secure, top-tier, intelligent compliance platform. Be sure to stay up to date as we release more enhancements to the platform.

Should you have any other questions or issues, please reach out to us or request Support.