Fuel & Mileage Tax Filing

Accurate, Compliant IFTA Fuel, Mileage, and Highway-Use Tax Reporting

Lighten Your Load and Stick to the Road

Fuel tax reporting, to government oversight agencies, can quickly turn into a headache. Anyone responsible for operating a fleet, and managing fuel tax, knows this. The influx of information from FMCSA mandated ELDs, driver logs, GPS, and fuel vendors is nothing short of overwhelming. All it takes is one slip-up to incur fines, fees, and penalties that could stall your business and immobilize your fleet, thanks to poor fuel tax management. So, what is the best way to comply with fuel tax reporting requirements without drowning in data?

Easy. You trust your fuel tax filing, reporting, and management to Fleetworthy Solutions. Building on 30 years of industry experience as ITS Compliance, Fleetworthy will strive to ensure compliance with every state or jurisdiction where you operate.

You Focus on Your Business. We Focus on Fuel Tax Reporting.

Audit concerns, an overabundance of GPS data, and changing IFTA / IRP regulations are some of the biggest issues that plague fleet operators and make it a challenge to stay on top of fuel tax management and reporting. Fleetworthy manages the entire IFTA and mileage tax reporting process for you. We collect and manage your mileage and fuel data and carefully analyze the information to correct errors and ensure the data meets IFTA and IRP compliance requirements. We’ll manage your ongoing mileage and fuel data and complete and submit tax returns to the appropriate state or jurisdiction agencies.

Our initial fuel tax management engagement starts with a personalized, point-for-point assessment of processes, data sources, and integrity to identify areas for improvement and find any data gaps that present a potential audit risk. Through a combination of our intelligent compliance platform and knowledgeable account experts, we deliver a fuel tax management solution that meets your specific business needs.

“Before we got Fleetworthy on board, our fleet operators were pinned down by an unending barrage of receipts, telematics reports, and other electronic and paper information … Since we turned our fuel tax management over to Fleetworthy, our people are freed up for more strategic roles and the data collection and tax reporting are seamless.”

Our Total Fuel Tax Management Solution Includes:

Ensure Accurate Reporting and Operational Integrity with Fleetworthy

We know what a challenge it is to stay on top of so much incoming data from so many different sources, especially when every mistake comes at a price. That’s why Fleetworthy Solutions will work closely with you to ensure your operations follow the best practices in fuel tax reporting and compliance management. Our goal is to streamline your processes, save you money by providing strategies that reduce your fleet fuel tax expenditures, and improve your bottom line. With Fleetworthy, you gain the peace-of-mind you need to keep your trucks on the road.

Benefits Include:

Experience The Industry’s BEST Fuel Tax Reporting and Less Red Tape, with Fleetworthy

With Fleetworthy you gain accuracy and compliance in reporting your fuel tax data, so you can devote more time and resources to your core business. Our dedicated team of experts is standing by to help you construct a tailor-made solution for your commercial fleet operation, no matter your fleet’s size. Simply put, Fleetworthy offers the BEST fuel tax reporting, with less red tape.




Experience The Industry’s BEST Fuel Tax Reporting and Less Red Tape

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