Litigation News

Nine More People Indicted in Investigation of Staged Accidents with Commercial Vehicles in New Orleans

Nine more people indicted in federal investigation into staged accidents with commercial vehicles in New Orleans.

California Trucking Company Fined $3 Million for Illegal Transport of Hazmat Materials

California trucking company fined $3 million for illegal transport of hazmat materials.

California Court Rules That Large Retailer Must Pay $54 Million in Back Pay to Drivers

California court rules that large retailer must pay $54 million in back pay to drivers.

Employee at Texas Department of Public Safety Pleads Guilty to Charges in CDL Scheme

An employee at the Texas Department of Public Safety pleads guilty to charges in CDL scheme.

Federal Government Orders California Trucking Company to Reinstate a Whistleblower Truck Driver Who Refused to Drive an Overweight Vehicle

Federal government orders California trucking company to reinstate a whistleblower truck driver who refused to drive an overweight vehicle.