Litigation News

Employee at Texas Department of Public Safety Pleads Guilty to Charges in CDL Scheme

An employee at the Texas Department of Public Safety pleads guilty to charges in CDL scheme.

California Court Rules That Large Retailer Must Pay $54 Million in Back Pay to Drivers

California court rules that large retailer must pay $54 million in back pay to drivers.

Bus Driver Who Tested Positive for Methamphetamine After Crashing in Georgia is Sentenced

Bus driver who tested positive for methamphetamine after crashing in Georgia is sentenced.

Lawsuit, High Insurance Rates Force Carrier to Shut Down After 19 Years in Arkansas

Lawsuit, high insurance rates force carrier to shut down after 19 years in Arkansas.

Federal Trucking Regulators Reviewing Petition to Relax Requirements for Deaf Truck & Bus Drivers

Federal trucking regulators reviewing petition to relax requirements for deaf truck and bus drivers.