Litigation News

Minor Fender-Bender in Texas Turns Into $32 Million Nuclear Verdict

How a minor fender bender between a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck in Texas turned into a $32 million nuclear verdict.

Rhode Island Carrier Admits to Falsifying Fatal Crash Records

Rhode Island carrier admits to falsifying fatal crash records.

California Trucking Company Fined $3 Million for Illegal Transport of Hazmat Materials

California trucking company fined $3 million for illegal transport of hazmat materials.

Nine More People Indicted in Investigation of Staged Accidents with Commercial Vehicles in New Orleans

Nine more people indicted in federal investigation into staged accidents with commercial vehicles in New Orleans.

California Court Rules That Large Retailer Must Pay $54 Million in Back Pay to Drivers

California court rules that large retailer must pay $54 million in back pay to drivers.