Litigation News

Federal Trucking Regulators Reviewing Petition to Relax Requirements for Deaf Truck & Bus Drivers

Federal trucking regulators reviewing petition to relax requirements for deaf truck and bus drivers.

Young Drivers Provide Valuable Insight to Trucking Industry

Young drivers provide insight regarding recruitment tips and professionalism in the trucking industry.

What is the Goal of the Beyond Compliance Program?

What is the goal of the Beyond Compliance program?

ATRI Lists Top Truck Freight Bottlenecks in U.S.

ATRI lists top truck freight bottlenecks in U.S. based on GPS data from more than 1 million trucks.

Clarification From U.S. DOT About Whether Safety-Sensitive Employees Can Use CBD Products

Clarification from U.S. DOT about whether DOT-regulated safety-sensitive employees, which includes truck drivers, can use CBD products.