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First Cargo Trip: Gigafactory 1 to Fremont Factory for Tesla Semi


Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces the Tesla Semi's maiden voyage shipping car batteries between locations. Industry speculates on how the trip will go.

Safety Officials Request Speed Reduction of Driverless Cars’ Development

From Transport Topics

An advocate group for vehicle and road safety calls on congress to "take it slow" on the issue of driverless car technology and policy development.

Driver and Carrier Info Likely Safe After Hack of FMCSA Site

From Commercial Carrier Journal

Officials indicate there was no evidence of exposure of personal information from the FMCSA's national registry of medical examiners website after a hack was discovered. Continues to Act as its Own Freight Broker

From Transport Topics

Recently, signaled it will more directly be involved with it's shipping as it begins actual brokerage to haulers, bypassing it's normal, third-party firms.

CVSA Outlines New ELD Roadside Check Procedure

From CCJ

The CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) has released a bulletin regarding ELD inspections - setting out responsibilities for drivers and law enforcement officers.