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San Francisco City Leaders Now Requiring Businesses to Get Permits For Transportation Tech Testing

San Francisco city leaders now requiring businesses to get permits for transportation tech testing.

Proposed Glider Truck Rule Skipped Legal and Public Health Safeguard Analyses

Proposed glider truck rule skipped legal and public health safeguard analyses.

Used Trucks Can Offer Fleets Quality Equipment and Financial Flexibility

Used trucks can offer fleets quality equipment and financial flexibility.

UPS Challenges Judgment in Case Where Driver Was Fired For Refusing to Drive Without an ELD

UPS challenges judgment in case where driver was fired for refusing to drive without an ELD.

ATA Leaders Hailed Agreement Between U.S., Mexico and Canada That Paves Way For USMCA’s Ratification in Congress

ATA leaders hailed agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada that paves the way for USMCA's ratification in Congress.