Let the Power of CPSuite take you "Beyond Compliant" in the cloud

If you have drivers or equipment in your fleet, you know the struggle of managing DQ files, registering vehicles, and all the other headaches that go into complying with DOT and FMCSA regulations. Let Fleetworthy do the compliance work to protect your people and assets.

Our cloud-based solution, CPSuite, is the most powerful compliance software in the industry. CPSuite does the ‘heavy lifting’ to get you to maximum compliance and keep you there.

Three Pillars of Intelligent Compliance

Fleetworthy’s approach to going “Beyond Compliant” is based on :

Technology streamlines activities, provides visibility, and helps make informed decisions at the right time.


Reliable Data provides key information to know what needs to be done and why. But without great analytics to easily understand the data, it is commonly overlooked, misunderstood, or overwhelming in quantity.


And without knowledgeable People who actually understand the complexities of the transportation industry, technology and data can only get you so far.


Your success relies on the intersection of all three – and that is where CPSuite comes in!

Your Source for Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance

People Console

Achieve and maintain your people compliance whether they are DOT, CDL, or part-time drivers. Build confidence and audit protection with DQ files, D&A Clearinghouse, Background Checks, MVRs, Custom Documents, Training, and more.

Asset Console

Manage your fleet’s assets easily with automated Registration and Plating, Permitting, Inspections, Titling…Never miss a renewal again! Everything you need for complete compliance.

Custom Data Analytics & Dashboards

Easily view and understand your compliance data with customizable dashboards and SmartTiles. Get a 360-view of People, Assets, and the work of growing and maintaining your compliance. Identify risk and take immediate action to mitigate it.

Work Management

Take action with complete transparency through the Work Request and Task Management tools imbedded into CPSuite. Complete insight and control of what, when, and how we provide your compliance services. See when work will be completed so that you can plan ahead and minimize downtime.

Custom Alerts & Notifications

Stop the Spam!

Only get notified with information you need. Get alerts when your action is needed. Let the platform do the work and tell you about things that matter.

Automated Compliance Evaluation

Let the system do the work!

Our automated compliance system evaluates your people and asset data to make predictive actions that ensure your compliance 24x7x365. Never miss a renewal or expiration again.

Automated Compliance Evaluation System - "ACES"

To grow and maintain compliance, we need to always be working. And with our Automated Compliance Evaluation System, we keep working even after people go home for the night!

ACES examines every asset and driver in the CPSuite and analyzes their data every night. If ACES finds something that needs renewed, it automatically opens a Work Request to start that process. If ACES finds a unit missing some information, it takes action to get it updated. ACES never sleeps. It’s our 24 by 7 by 365 worker that watches over the data and keeps your compliance goals on track.