MVR Monitoring vs Annual Review: How to Fill the Gaps in Your Compliance


The FMCSA requires that a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) be run for all commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders every 12 months in order to be aligned with regulatory statutes, The Annual Review refers in particular to the motor carrier signing off on that requirement.  By having less time elapsed between when MVRs are run, we help ensure a greater visibility into staying compliant on an individual driver basis. By instituting MVR Monitoring, we help to further close this gap by having reports of qualifying events pushed to our purview automatically. As the latter does not completely subsidize the other, both are ideal for keeping your fleet ‘Beyond Compliant’.

Fleetworthy Solutions specializes in knowing these differences and executing in the most efficient, client-focused way available. Our subject matter experts understand the importance of remaining vigilant regarding motor vehicle reports and what weight they carry in the life of a motor carrier. This passion carries over to how we engage with our partners and positively impacts the outcome of our purpose.

About Fleetworthy Solutions

Fleetworthy Solutions, Inc. provides DOT safety and regulatory compliance services to commercial fleets that take them Beyond Compliant. Fleetworthy combines exceptional client service, advanced technologies, and more than 35 years of transportation industry expertise to make sure that drivers and assets are truly fleet worthy. The company helps private fleets, for-hire carriers and third-party logistics companies of all sizes surpass compliance of federal, state, and local regulations and streamline processes to reduce costs and mitigate risks.


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