How Fleetworthy Solutions Can Assist Motor Carriers with Upcoming FMCSA Manual Inquiry of Violations Requirement Change

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The FMCSA recently announced that effective January 6, 2023, Motor Carriers no longer need to make an inquiry to an FMCSA-regulated previous employer regarding drug or alcohol history when performing background checks. Instead the FMCSA will require, as they have since January 6, 2020, the Motor Carrier to query the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse database, which provides the previous three years of drug or alcohol violations of FMCSA safety sensitive positions.  Click here to review the announcement from the FMCSA.

Please note that annual query requirements have not changed, meaning employers must still conduct a separate query in the Clearinghouse at least once a year for each commercial driver they employ.

What Does This Mean for Motor Carriers?

One less question to ask an applicant on their DOT-regulated application and one less piece of information to request from previous employers. The hiring Motor Carrier must still make an inquiry into any FMCSA-regulated employment within the past three years to confirm employment and driving history per 49 CFR 391.23. The Motor Carrier must also ask the Safety Sensitive Drug and Alcohol history questions to any DOT-regulated positions that are not outside of the FMCSA.

How Can Fleetworthy Help?

Fleetworthy Solutions can assist by performing the required inquiries into an applicant’s employment history while simultaneously making the pre-hire query to the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. Fleetworthy can also assist with tracking the inquiries made, responses received and even do the comparisons to the Application for Employment to determine if there are any gaps or missing data that require action. A fully vetted solution for all things Driver Qualification File management, Fleetworthy Solutions will help you go ‘Beyond Compliant’.

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