5 Critical Reasons to Consolidate Your Fleet’s Safety and Compliance Data!


Whether your fleet is small or large, private or for-hire, carries people or cattle, there is a new era on the horizon. That era is the future of the connected fleet, the fleet in the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) fleet. If you are not already experiencing it today, a day will come when there will be so much data about your fleet that it will be hard to make sense of it all. Preparing for that day, now, will not only help you be ready but could lead to cost and time savings – in the PRESENT. Those time and money gains will help your fleet remain at the forefront of the industry, retain its competitive edge, and help it successfully enter this new era.

Fleetworthy Solutions has put together 5 critical reasons as to why a fleet, like yours, should consolidate its data.

Critical Reason #5

It’s Less Stressful

The idea of waking up in the morning, commuting to work, sitting down, and saying to yourself, “Let’s go find all our fleet’s compliance and safety data!” does not sound like a great time. Remembering where your data is – be it in physical or digital form, in the cloud or on a computer, in a drawer or in a box, or even in someone’s truck cab – is less than soothing to think about. When you consider the alternative – getting that compliance data organized and then consolidating it – the weight will begin to lift off your shoulders. Reassuring answers will be able to be given when you get asked about where your compliance and safety data is located. You may even notice your mood, memory, productivity, and efficiency get better as the stressor of hunting down your fleet’s safety and compliance data disappears and your cortisol levels begin to return to normal!

Critical Reason #4

It’s More Forward-thinking

The transportation industry is modernizing. Carriers that embrace this change and modernize alongside it will survive and flourish. Those that don’t will get by for a while, but, will eventually fade away. Top talent looking for new careers or employers want to know they are going to be working for the best in the industry. Having a progressive, upgraded, and modernized technology platform gives your team the confidence it needs to ensure they are one of the best. These programs also help streamline your efforts to recruit and retain today’s highly sought-after, hard-to-find, and qualified drivers.

Critical Reason #3

There’s More Visibility

You may start to notice things about your fleet that you never did before. You may notice some information is incomplete or missing. You may find violations, omissions, and falsifications in Hours-of-Service records sooner than you did before. This near-real time reporting is critically important to reducing risk and liability within your fleet. Having a one stop shop of all your data gives you clear insight into your fleet’s compliance and safety status and, consequently, its health. A well-executed safety and compliance data consolidation program fosters easier reporting and sharing of metrics with your leadership team – giving them confidence in your abilities and the state of compliance in their fleet.

Critical Reason #2

It’s Less Costly

There may be a higher up-front cost to planning and executing a compliance data consolidation program, but, over time, it will pay for itself. Consider the time it takes to reach out to all the different places storing your compliance data currently, retrieve it, analyze it, and visualize it. Now multiply that time spent searching and gathering by the number of places that your data exists. If you had taken the time to consolidate your data, you would only need to spend time going to one place. Also, if done properly, it could show you inefficiencies in compliance and safety while pointing to where costs and risk can be reduced. Further, having all this data at the ready can prepare you for an audit and potentially reduce fines. Overall, consolidating makes for a more agile, responsive, efficient, and safe fleet – especially important when dangerous and costly situations arise.

Critical Reason #1

It’s Your Fleet’s Compliance Single Version of the Truth (SVOT)

In today’s ever-connected environment, with notifications, data, and content streams begging for your attention at all hours, it is growing harder and harder to sift through all the noise. A good solution is a consolidated storehouse of information that can rationalize it all into an online, simple, and easy-to-understand dashboard. Once properly researched, planned for, and implemented, your fleet, thanks to your efforts, will benefit from a true, single source of information or ‘Single Version of the Truth’ (SVOT).  Ascertaining your fleet’s status in safety and DOT compliance will be accomplished much faster and with less hassle – making sure your drivers and assets get on the road faster and stay there longer. The power to get answers quickly will not only help you in your efforts, but it will go a long way in ensuring the future of your organization, helping protect your drivers and assets, and helping safety the motoring public.

While 5 critical reasons to consolidate your safety and compliance data are discussed here, there are more reasons possible to think about giving data consolidation a go. Mental, physical, financial, and business benefits are all possible outcomes to consolidating.

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