Golden State Foods: A Customer Success Story


“We value the partnership with our vendors and Fleetworthy plays a vital role in our success. Selecting the 2018 “Vendor of the Year” for us was an easy decision. Fleetworthy assisted us with several projects including our recent asset acquisition, decreased our audit fees, suggested and implemented cost savings and process improvements, as well as a host of other initiatives.“

Tom Randazzo

Procurement Manager for Golden State Foods

Fleet Profile

Golden State Foods (GSF) is one of the largest diversified suppliers to the Quick Service Restaurant and retail industries.  Established in 1947 and headquartered in Irvine, California, GSF currently services more than 120,000 restaurants from its 40+ locations on five continents.  They have nearly 400 power units, approximately 800 drivers and are a for-hire and private carrier.  Fleetworthy Solutions has been doing business with GSF since 2015 and currently handles Licensing/Permitting and Fuel Tax Reporting for this client.

What Was Needed?

Golden State Foods had acquired additional assets in 2018, including close to 100 trucks.  They needed assistance with re-plating and re-titling these units under a very tight deadline. They required that their trucks stay on the road with no down time or interruption of service. Also, GSF required all applicable permitting to be handled in a smooth and quick manner.

What Was the Solution?

Utilizing Asset Management services and a cost savings approach, Fleetworthy suggested to initiate an IRP Base-plate Analysis.  The goal was to find the optimal jurisdiction for plating of these assets. Focus was to be placed on providing a quick turnaround time for temporary plates for all trucks until being able to secure permanent, hard-plates for them.

How Was it Done?

The Licensing and Permitting Department at Fleetworthy ran an extensive IRP Analysis and opened an IRP account in an optimal location. Leveraging Fleetworthy’s long-standing, strong relationships with the jurisdictions, temporary plates were issued for all the units within a very short timeframe.  This allowed their trucks to continue running smoothly with no down time.  The permanent plates for the units followed shortly and resulted in a successful transaction with no interruption in service and a high level of customer satisfaction.

What Was the Outcome?

Fleetworthy was able to provide both time and cost savings to GSF by quickly providing their acquired units with temporary plates so that they could stay on the road with no interrupted service to their valued customers. In addition, Fleetworthy helped GSF realize decreased audit fees and process improvements.  Because of the commitment to this customer’s success, Fleetworthy’s team was recognized as a Vendor of the Year by Golden State Foods.

About Golden State Foods

Golden State Foods Logo

Founded in 1947 in the Los Angeles area, Golden State Foods began business as a small meat company providing products to area restaurants and hotels. But when the company teamed up with the McDonald’s Corp. in the 1950s, it was on its way to becoming a major player in the food processing and distribution industries. On a handshake and a promise, GSF and McDonald’s set out to pursue a dream of the highest standards. Built upon solid values and relationships, Golden State Foods’ vision was clear: make the best products and provide the best service.

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