CRST – The Transportation Solution: A Customer Success Story


“Fleetworthy provides expert advice, support, services and education on how to maintain and improve our DOT safety “grades” – or BASICs. The CSA scores we can show our industry-leading, safety-conscious customers helps build a great deal of trust and confidence. Excellent safety culture helps deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers, allowing us both to Deliver Promises and Drive Success for our customers and those who we serve.”

Steven Garrish

Vice President of Safety at CRST - The Transportation Solution

Fleet Profile

CRST – The Transportation Solution, Inc. is an American interstate freight company made up of eight operating businesses based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Founded in 1955 by Herald and Miriam Smith, it is a privately held company.  Currently, CRST has a for-hire fleet of about 4,500 trucks that haul many types of goods across the U.S. CRST has annual revenues of $1.5 billion.  Fleetworthy Solutions has been doing business with CRST since 2017 and currently handles their Driver Qualification File Management and Vehicle Safety Management services.

What Was Needed?

CRST needed a common platform to accept Hours of Services (HOS) data from three different and distinct ELD manufacturers, which was driven by the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Further, CRST was looking to be able to quickly identify HOS violations by CRST drivers in order to coach and retrain those violators. Any violations would then need to be in easy-to-read reports so CRST could rapidly identify problems, measure non-compliance, and analyze compliance by business segment.

CRST also needed help setting up and maintaining Driver Qualification Files (DQF). Their DQF management processes were taking time away from more high-level, strategic business initiatives. CRST needed to consolidate all Driver Qualification files into a single, common platform to view the files from any desktop and standardize the format of the files. Further, CRST made it a goal to begin the process of new, paperless files using electronic formats from the start, building in compliance and quality control throughout the DQ file lifecycle, and enabling customizable display options based on litigation or compliance review needs.

Overall, CRST wanted to gain the ability to intelligently orchestrate their approach to prevent crashes and injuries so that CSA scores could improve, they could reassign key staff to more strategic objectives, and to help train on accident reduction and overall driver safety. Lowered accident rates, reduced insurances costs, and CSA score improvements would all be measures
of their success.

What Was the Solution?

Fleetworthy recommended implementing their Extended Fleet Services (EFS) after an initial needs assessment at CRST. EFS allows Fleetworthy to provide services that monitor and maintain areas relating to a fleet’s regulatory and safety compliance. In essence, Fleetworthy becomes a partner that can augment a fleets’ efforts and re-align them to perform more high-level priorities.

The first compliance piece that Fleetworthy addressed for CRST was Hours of Service (HOS). Fleetworthy suggested partnering on this which would allow CRST to redeploy human assets to one of their more strategic focus areas. Fleetworthy had the depth of personnel to cover HOS Management for CRST and was able to successfully integrate the CRST HOS team in its entirety without any interruptions to their service.

The second aspect of compliance that Fleetworthy was able to address for CRST was Driver Qualification File (DQF) Management. CRST worked with Fleetworthy to formulate an ideal approach to using their software platform, COMPLY 2.0, to house the driver files. New DQ files would use online forms in order to digitize a formerly paper-heavy process. A solution was also put in place to include permanent documents and expiring ones such as CDL, physical, annual MVR, certificates of violations, and annual reviews.

What Was the Outcome?

CRST utilized Fleetworthy’s technology solutions to gain a common platform for accepting and analyzing HOS data from several different providers. This allowed CRST to successfully review those in standardized format and delivered full transparency and visibility into their fleet and driver HOS compliance attainment. Fleetworthy empowered CRST with the confidence that they were meeting the latest HOS regulations, while also allowing them to lower their overall cost of program management.

Fleetworthy was able to provide CRST with a huge time savings by organizing key data centralized in one place for easy access and analysis. CRST could in turn have their safety teams focus their efforts more effectively on bigger objectives and deliver better results. As a result, they realized improved DOT accident rates, lower insurance costs for workers’ compensation, and huge improvements in Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA) scores.

In 2019 Fleetworthy supported CRST during an FMCSA audit. With the DQ service in place, it only took 2 days for 2 auditors to review 50 DQ files, whereas it had taken 5 days for 3 auditors to review 32 DQ files prior to partnering with Fleetworthy. This was a huge improvement and put CRST in a vastly improved state of audit-readiness.

By leveraging Fleetworthy’s technology and services, CRST was able to proactively manage their DQF compliance process for significantly reduced audit liability.

About CRST – The Transportation Solution

CRST – The Transportation Solution, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest privately held transportation companies. Powered by the expertise of our eight operating companies, CRST provides a broad array of transportation and logistics solutions including van, flatbed and dedicated, as well as brokerage, transportation management services and high value product white glove moving services. They tailor each solution to their clients’ unique needs and focus on delivering superior service.  Their motto is “Delivering Promises and Driving Success”.

CRST Services Include:

  • Expedited Team Service
  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed
  • Dedicated Services
  • High Value/White Glove Services
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Transportation management
  • Brokerage
  • Home Delivery/First & Final Mile
  • Warehousing
  • LTL
  • Intermodal
  • Drayage

Steven Garrish – Vice President of Safety

CRST – The Transportation Solution, Inc.

Steven is a 24-year veteran of the Transportation & Logistics industry.  He graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1996 with a BBA in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, later earning his MBA from John Brown University in 2013, with emphasized studies in Leadership and Ethics.  Steven is a board member of the American Truck Associations (ATA) Safety Management Council; The National Private Truck Council’s (NPTC) Board of Governors; a North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) Certified Director of Safety (CDS) as well as an NPTC Certified Transportation Professional (CTP).

Steven’s work experience includes 15 years with JB Hunt Transport Company, Inc., in which he held a variety of roles in:  Human Resources Operations and Safety.  He also spent 5 years at the Corporate offices in Bentonville, Arkansas with Walmart where he supported the Private Truck Fleet, including Senior Director – Private Fleet Safety, where he led safety efforts for the Walmart Private Fleet, which is comprised of more than 8500 professional truck drivers nationwide.

Steven’s current role as Vice President of Safety for CRST is based in Cedar Rapids, IA.  CRST’s nation-wide fleet is comprised of 7 operating companies, including over 8000 drivers, and 6,000 trucks.

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Daily, weekly, or real-time reports highlighting missing, incomplete and expiring items.

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